React Native Publishing an Android App

So, in this project I use React Native for developing the client app. I was trying to debug the code using Google Chrome developer tools. The problem was when I tried to put some console.log inside the code, nothing is shown in Chrome console tab.

So I did some search and Google redirect me to here. The problem is I am using Android Studio’s default emulator and Windows. It drove me crazy because I just couldn’t shake the emulator or find the hardware menu button to get it work.

I gave up using Chrome.

Then something got my eyes opened. I could use the Android logging tools called ADB. Yes, it was right there on React Native documentation.

Run adb logcat *:S ReactNative:V ReactNativeJS:V in a terminal to see your Android app’s logs.

Finally I see the log right on the ADB screen.

Using adb logcat for React Native Debugging