Simplify Web Designing & Development Using Front-end Framework

When developing a new website, front end frameworks are the best tool for faster and better development. The popularity led to availability of a wide range of frameworks and new one are also emerging. You can develop a well-structured, upgradable and maintainable website using frameworks. It stocks plenty of instantly available elements that you can use directly. More than anything a front-end framework simplifies, streamlines and speed-up the website design and development.

Due to increase in the number of elements its bit tricky to pinpointing the one, now a days Bootstrap from Twitter and Foundation front-end frameworks are most popular.
Before listing down the best front-end frameworks, you need to consider specific things like its skill level, responsive design, prototype, CSS preprocessors, appearances, that will help you to find pros and cons of popular framework.

So here is the list of most popular front-end framework that will fit right to your needs and provide unique features:

Bootstrap is created by twitter developers and initially released in 2011, its widely popular and most used open-source framework in the world. It consists CSS, HTML, JavaScript and JS elements like other front-end frameworks. Its features allow you to develop Responsive sites of all sizes and complexities.

It is developed by the web designing company, Zurb. It is highly advance front-end framework that is used to develop enterprise grade responsive websites. Its complexity level is high that is not suitable for newbies. It is used in sites like Mozilla, Facebook, eBay. It supports GPU-acceleration, for smooth lightning animations and Fastclick.js for delivering fast mobile services. It helps you load lightweight HTML sections for the mobiles and heavier sections for big screens.

It used to implement Google’s material design specification. The Materialize responsive front-end framework features ready to use buttons, icons, cards, forms and other components. This framework is available in both runs on a SAAS preprocessor or in a standard version.
The CSS is preloaded and it is ready to use typography, material design shadows, colors etc. Keep in mind it also provides some additional features including drag-out mobile menus, ripple effect animation and more.

If you are thinking to create a web designing app that will work on both platforms including the desktop and mobiles. The Pure front-end framework is developed by comes with lightweight array of CSS modules that can be used in any project. In comparison with Bootstrap, pure has better performance for the mobile devices. You can create responsive designs, buttons, menu, grid, tables and more.

It has a lightweight responsive boilerplate which consists only 400 lines of code. It features responsive design based on a 12-column grid system, and the basic elements like buttons, forms, table etc.

These are some most popular front-end frameworks which helps in web designing technologies and web development services to make the structure simple and faster.

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