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ATS Bouquet, a new commercial development, has been launched in the market by its makers, ATS Greens. This is a new age commercial development that will offer for sale a range of fine business and retail spaces to the smart commercial investor. Being located at Sector 132 at Noida Expressway, the project will be sought after due to its easy accessibility. ATS Bouquet covers a massive expanse of 7.5 acres which offers strategically planned 3 towers. The towers will have ground + 14 floors offering for sale premium business spaces and office units with all the necessary equipment. The towers will also have a double basement. Coming from the house of ATS Greens, a reputed builder, ATS Bouquet will be an example in the commercial segment of the National Capital Region.
ATS Bouquet offers commercial spaces in Noida Expressway that are unlike any other. Commercial investors can select from well designed office and business spaces that will be equipped with the latest technology and superior quality fittings. The commercial spaces here will start from 800 sq. ft. in area and will air conditioned units with ample space, ventilation and 100 per cent power back up. Any kind of commercial investors can thus invest in these business spaces at ATS Bouquet irrespective of their trade size or nature. To add convenience to their customers, the project will also be bestowed with many other amenities such as café, restaurants, club, ATMs, banks, etc. A landscaped street within the complex will also be turned into retail plaza which will attract a high footfall. The green and pollution free surroundings of ATS Bouquet will make a difference in its popularity.
The location of ATS Bouquet, Noida Expressway is also commendable and very lucrative from investment point of view. The region is well connected to many place sin NCR including Noida, Delhi, Greater Noida and Ghaziabad. Being connected to Yamuna Expressway, the project will also enjoy easy accessibility from places like Mathura, Agra, Vrindavan and Hathras. Many schools, hospitals, civic facilities and options of recreation can also be found nearby.
Highlights of ATS Bouquet:
* Spread over 7.5 acres
* Consists of 3 towers
* Commercial and business spaces starting 800 sq. ft.
* Retail spaces on ground floor
* Ground + 14 floors
* Double basement
* Fully air conditioned units
* Flexible use
* Power back up
* Advanced security
* Bank facility
* ATMs
* Cafeteria
* Club
* Reserved parking facility
* Connected to Agra, Mathura, etc.
* 15 min- Delhi
* 15 min- Pari Chowk
* Express Trade Towers
* Somerville International School
* JS Hospital

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ATS Bouquet: Invest in Commercial Property at Noida Expressway

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ATS Bouquet is the new launch project by the well known real estate developer ATS Greens. The project will be a commercial venture, a first by ATS Greens, and will mark a new benchmark in the commercial segment of realty market in the National Capital Region. The project will be located at Sector 132 on the Noida Expressway and will boast of world class features. ATS Bouquet will consist of 3 well planned towers that will be spread over a vast area of 7.5 acres. The towers will have ground + 14 floors and a double basement. Investors can now invest in carefully built commercial spaces in Noida Expressway that will offer them not just a new avenue to operate their business from but a new and revived way of doing business.
In ATS Bouquet, Noida Expressway, commercial buyers can invest in premium office spaces that will provide them with all the features they can ask for in a business space. These business spaces will be designed especially to suit the needs of commercial buyers offering them expansive and flexible office units starting 800 sq. ft. in area. Whether it’s a small, medium or large business venture, ATS Bouquet will have something for everybody. In addition to great business units, the project will also offer the buyers ATM facility, banks, restaurants and cafes, 100% power back up, round the clock security measures, etc. The office spaces available here will be fully air conditioned, spaciousand will be equipped with modern fittings. The project will also have a landscaped street that will be made into a retail plaza. These office spaces in Noida Expressway will have ample green surroundings offering a commercial project that is also visually pleasing.
ATS Bouquet, Noida Expressway also enjoys a great location which offers it several benefits of connectivity. Many prominent locations in the National Capital Region are well connected to the project such as Delhi, Noida and Greater Noida. Even places like Mathura, Agra, Vrindavan and Hathras are easily accessible from Yamuna Expressway. The project also has in close vicinity many civic, medical, educational and recreational facilities.
Features of ATS Bouquet:
* Commercial spaces starting 800 sq. ft.
* 3 elegant towers
* Double basement
* Ground floor- retail spaces
* Ac in all units
* Flexible use
* Elevators
* 100% power back up
* 24×7 security
* Internet connection
* Club
* Bank facility
* Cafe/ restaurants
* Ample parking space
* JS Hospital
* Genesis Global School
* Connectivity to Agra, Mathura, Hathras, etc. via Yamuna Expressway
* PariChowk- 15 min
* Delhi- 15 min

For more details visit:
Contact: +91-9560090081

Top Word Press Plugins for On-Page SEO

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Search engines are the major source to get traffic for a website. For this website must have to go with optimization process called On-Page Optimization. There are some plugins available that makes the optimization easy. Word-press is an open CMS platform where we can reduce the code there using some important On-page SEO plugins.

Important Word Press Plugins for On-Page SEO:

1. Yoast SEO: It is the most popular plugin of on page. By this we can add SEO title, meta keywords and meta description to each post. Additionally it generate XML site-maps, Yoast SEO meta box that enables to post title and meta description. Also with the help of snippet editor one can see the real time output when displayed on google.

2.SEO by SQUIRRLY: It helps to write content which is SEO friendly. It works with already installed Yoast SEO plugin. While writing content it shows green indication which means going in a right direction. When all the content becomes green then it means it is 100% SEO friendly content to publish.

3. Redirection: This Plugin is used for redirecting the changed URL to other. It is mainly used for 301 redirection. In this also one can track of 404 errors and able to redirect them to correct URLs.

4. Broken Link Checker: It is used to find all broken links in a website (404 links). 404 links are the dead links that should be remove before hosting the website. This plugin also searches for missing images and notifies when found. Here links can be directly edited from the plugins page without any need to go through each post.

5. SEO Friendly Images: Image optimization have a value in SEO ranking process. Optimized images have high rankings in google images search. It allows to add ALT attribute to images.

6.SEOPressor: This is the all-in-one plugin for all your SEO requirements. It manages post, pages and custom post. One can also find long tail keyword and drag and drop in the content with one click. Most important advantage is having post and page analysis algorithm and gives rating on 100 bases includes checking of H1, H2, H3 tags and other content factors.

7. WP Super Cache: This plugin is having comprehensive property. It minimizes the CSS and JS , disk cache etc. Overall it reduces the CPU usage and number of requests to the word-press site so that the site loads faster.

8. Rank Reveal: This plugin is premium plugin which tells which keyword is ranking and which keyword have the possibility to rank higher in future. Additionally this having largest collection of ranking data and then it tells about all the keywords for which website is ranking and its position.

9. SEO Internal Links: Optimize the internal links using this plugin which automatically link keywords with corresponding posts or pages and provides other important settings for doing a positive SEO.

10. All-in-one Rich Snippets: We can provide additional info about the website like: star rating using this plugin. Rich snippets are the short summary of a web page in search results.

Get professional wordpress training at Web Development Institute. It is one of the best WordPress training institute located at Rohini(New Delhi). You can also learn some popular CMS like Drupal and Magento also.

A Brief Summary about Live Chats

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Live chat is the system or a web service which allows businessmen to communicate among those who are online in real time. Live chat can occur between any person irrespective of profession, age and country. It is one of the best ways of interaction between individuals who are separated by distances. They usually provide information and support of customers and clients.
Features of Live Chat:
Live chat is specific to applications and services. This causes visitor monitoring in real time, custom chats in windows and traffic analysis in invisible manner. This also helps in website integration and secure control in administration. This is more efficient than phone and faster than emails. It uses proprietary software which uses multiple technologies. The programming languages used in this software are MySQL, JavaScript, C++, Node js and Erlang.
The two main elements used in entire platform of live chat is agent application and website chat widget. Website chat widget are seen by users and embedded on website of the customers. The live chat website consists of small chat box present at the bottom right corner of web browser. Its widget is visible on mobile devices as mobile application or browser and on desktop. Agent application is usually used by employees of the live chat company to solve the queries of customers. The employees usually log in and then, have a live chat with the visitor visiting the website. These applications contain user interface tools to make the communication more efficient and quicker. The communication can occur from one to many or many to many. Some of the tools are keyboard shortcuts, canned response and various tag systems.
Live chat websites have additional features like built in ticketing system, website traffic monitoring in real time and efficiency analytics for agents. These are available in various languages: French, Greek, German, Spanish and Korean. There are many ways of having live chat session between visitor visiting website and model.Some of them are: active communication and passive communication.
Types of Communication in Live Chat:
Passive communication usually occur when the visitor clicks the widget or chat button displayed on mobile or desktop whereas active communication occurs when the visitor satisfies a certain criteria.Communication of visitor with model is a type of active communication. After, the criteria is met, the visitor gets a customized message. Usually agents close the sales during chat session. This increases overall conversion rate. This also helps in uptime tracking and performance monitoring.
Live chat software is based on custom integrations and REST based APIs. They also maintain single point of contact so that the employees can manage all customer services from single software. This also helps in maintaining activities related to online sales. They are provided using various channels like social media, emails and chats. Its software consists of help desk software, live support and capabilities to maintain web analytics. This website is based on data gathered from purchase of various buyers around the world. This also offers many additional features along with its main service.

Find more information relating to starwatchlive, and interact here.

APM Is A Most Useful App For AppEnsure

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AppEnsure calls this new capability Proactive APM. Before this, APM was most useful once an app launched, delivered a poor end-user experience, and was flagged by New Relic. Proactive APM gives business managers, engineers, and testers a way to anticipate the end-user experience while the app is under development. It then simulated user load to real user load once the app launches. This allows for instant diagnoses when there are production issues, by comparing expected transaction times with potential issues. If you are already using New Relic, you’ll want to add AppEnsure Unified Test Platform to your app development and testing environment.

AppEnsure Unified Test Platform is the first beginning-to-end test system which accurately drives 100% of the actual user interactions, even with complex HTML5 and AJAX client-side code. AppEnsure has had a monitoring capability to correlate resource – CPU, Network, Memory, and other aspects of performance – to app end-user experiences. Adding integration with New Relic helps surface and pinpoint app end-user performance issues and functional issues in Web apps, Ajax apps, Mobile (iOS/Android), and Oracle Forms apps more easily and more accurately. Proactive APM gives business managers, engineers, and testers a way to anticipate the end-user experience while the app is under development.

The new features include:

* Integrated New Relic Monitoring to App Server, DB Server, Load Balancer, Node.js Server
* Quickly create Benchmarks to App Performance for DevOps and Engineers
* Live Web-based Results, Drill Downs to Request/Response Level As The Tests Run
* Analysis From Simulated Use Of Your App to CPU, Net, Memory, DB Query Analysis
* Use New Relic Application Performance Management For Deeper Root Cause Analysis
* 85 Reports from Results Repository for 
App Functional and Performance Analysis
* Define Appvance Unified Test Platform Integration To Any New Relic Report
* Select An App Transaction, see New Relic Report on Server, App, DB
* Runs AWS Cloud, Private Grid datacenter, or Both
* Compatible with Selenium, JMeter, Sahi, Appium, Java, PHP, Perl Tests
* Data driven tests and analysis from live operational test data sources

I first came upon the term Root cause analysis (RCA) while working at a network management start-up. The concept was to determine why a problem occurred so that repair could happen sooner and service restored. To do this required a discovery of the topology of a network and its devices in order to understand where a problem could occur and the relationship between the various parts. Monitoring was necessary in order to identify that a failure occurred and provide notification.

However, the challenge in doing this was that many failure events are received in seemingly random order; thus, it is very difficult to differentiate which events signified symptoms of the problem and which event represented the actual cause. To resolve this, some solutions constructed elaborate causality chains in the hope you could follow them backwards in time to the “root-cause”. This is akin to following smoke and having it lead you to the fire. Well it does work, if you do it fast enough and before the whole forest is in flames.

The obvious next thing to do was apply this to applications. It certainly seemed like a good idea at the time … but it turned out to be much harder than expected. Why harder? Applications are far more complex than networks with many more variations in behaviour and relationship. So, instead monitoring systems were applied to the various silos of application architecture such as web servers, application servers, middleware, databases and others.

AppEnsure provides APM for IT Operations to proactively manage end-user experience. AppEnsure uniquely correlates the real end-user response time experience with the application-delivery infrastructure performance, providing contextual, actionable intelligence to reduce resolution time by 95% of application outages and slowdowns.

A Guide of Static Website Generators And Its Advantages

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The static website truly started as strictly static HTML files within the 90s. Yes, there have been larger applications that ran on Perl or Java; however HTML was the fastest method for anyone to publish content on-line.

Static sites were meant to deliver content quick. HTML pages are parsed directly by an internet browser, therefore hypertext transfer protocol latency is that the largest issue for load time.

With the expansion of CMS engines, managing load time became a worthy issue. Developers required worrying regarding database query time and bulky templates. Caching helps however it seldom delivers an equivalent performance as a static webpage.

This fixation on static sites has come back at a time once content management systems appear too bloated for smaller projects. It’s nearly just like the internet business has come back full-circle, realizing the advantages of static HTML pages – however now we have rather more powerful tools at our disposal.

Static websites by definition are created to handle traffic. There ought not to worry regarding caching or database throttles that may weigh down loading times.

To put it all at once, this renewed appreciation for static sites has arisen from:

Improved internet browser capabilities
Support for preprocessing like Sass/Less and Haml/Jade
Several free third party solutions for dynamic content
Static website generators build web site creation fast and economical

Advantages over Dynamic Websites

Static websites don’t have any dependency on any database. Static sites are not looking ahead to database connections, and definitely not dealing with database errors.

Similarly a static website doesn’t consider any backend language. You don’t want a server with PHP, Rails, Python, Node, or something aside from the server’s core options. A static website simply loads static content and will precisely what the web was created to try to do.

Similarly take into thought the safety considerations levied against a dynamic web site. Though internet security has improved over the years, malicious hackers will still get into WordPress and different systems through database injection or improperly designed plug-ins/themes.

Here’s a short set of benefits for working with static sites over Dynamic sites:

HTTP requests load quicker with static content compared to dynamic content
Static websites are safer with fewer points of vulnerability (no database or backend scripts)
Static website generators provide comparable tools to dynamic CMS (e.g. templating, partials, preprocessing)
Learning to use a static website generator is simpler than learning a full CMS
No database or backend server necessities

Static Generation Drawbacks

Since not each project will have the benefit of a static website generator you’ll wish to think about these potential drawbacks:
No GUI or visual backend for editing pages; each static page should be edited manually
Building themes for a static website generator takes time unless you already recognize a templating language
New pages should be pushed up to the server each time
You’ll need to get snug using the terminal
There is no right or wrong answer and ultimately it’s up to the developer to come to a decision what’s best for every project.

Popular Static web site Generators

What guide would be complete while not a glance into the most effective static website generators? With such a lot of choices to decide on from it may be overwhelming – particularly for a developer who’s never used a static site generator before.

The following tools are not the sole choices obtainable; however they’re a number of the foremost widely-used and most popular generators up to now. Everyone has its own distinctive setup and methodology therefore analysis a number of to seek out one that best fits your wants.

Free web site Generators
Metal smith

Rubel Debnath analyst in the field of website development and web application development. He has a very nice understanding about website development. All his articles are highly acknowledged by the readers.

Ibanez Electric Guitars Are Here With Standard Specifications

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There are different important musical companies, offering clients with expressive instruments for composing new songs, or play a favorite one. Ibanez is one such name, whose history dated back to 1908. It started as a simple sheet music store and later went on as music products distributor of Ibanez electric guitars now.

Previously, this music company comes across some impeccable guitar models, such as JS, JEM, S and RG models. Now, with the advent of modern technology, you will come across electric guitars, as well. The previous models are now considered as standard in hard rock music and the instrumental rock platform.

Present scenario of this company

This company first drew attention to its neck through Musician basses, with the inclusion of active electronics. At present, the same manufacturing unit is offering customers with a number of 4, 5 and six basses. These basses are associated with sound gear, and basses of future, as well.

There are different types of electronic guitars, which are currently available from such reputed firms. The basic options are six strings. However, each of the products comprises of a solid body in different colors. Some colors are brown, black, blue and white, and black and white combinations.

Description of the electric guitars

The newer forms of Ibanez electric guitars blend modern and traditional music with a stylish twist. The sound remains more or less similar to a classic acoustic guitar. The product comprises of a bodied dreadnought structure, with an elegantly shaped black pick guard.

The same product comprises of black headstock, which helps in providing an extra style to the acoustic guitar. It helps in complementing the versatile tone of the strings. The top comprises of a spruce top and with a mahogany neck.

The body is primarily made out of premium quality mahogany, covering the sides and back of the products. The tuners comprise of chrome die-cast machine heads, as some of the other important features available.

The items comprise of 42mm nut width and 250mm fret board radius. However, this measurement is subject to change, with different types of electric guitars. If you are planning to know more about the products and make a buy, you should check out the specifications first.

Impeccable strings available separately

Sometimes, electric guitars might have a problem with the strings. As these products are extremely fragile, therefore; you might have to change the strings, at regular interval. With the help of reliable online stores, you can get these strings separately. For more information visit us at :

Long gone are those days when you have to buy a whole new product, just for the strings. Order for these strings online, and just join these products with the main guitar or replace it with the old ones. Depending on the various model numbers, the Ibanez guitars strings are going to vary.

You need to be aware of the model number first and choose the strings accordingly. The best part is that online stores are offering you with various types of payment gateways. You can choose anyone of the method, which suits your style, and enjoy fantastic response.

Whenever you are talking about Ibanez electric guitars, you are dealing with the best items. Just make sure to get along with the best guitars on immediate font.

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Salesforce application development transforms CRM ecosystem

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The ability to produce applications of relevance for business, academics or to promote and manage an event, is becoming truly egalitarian in the world of app developers. A large part of the credit goes to CRM solutions like Siebel or Oracle, but a paradigm shift happened when Salesforce CRM became the defacto choice for CRM. This is not only because of the modern and simple UI that comes along with Salesforce, but also due to the fact that Salesforce development is much simpler. Unlike other app developers, Salesforce developers are not exactly the quintessential coders with knowledge on many complex programming languages. In fact a Salesforce developer could not know any programming language and still could develop and launch apps on the Salesforce platform, in quick time.
It would be a good idea to have a working knowledge of JavaScript, but then, one could offer Salesforce development services, without even knowing JS. The USP of Salesforce might be that of a robust CRM solution, with a nimble adaptation cycle, for the new emerging challenges of business, but the developers world appreciates more the ease and access that the platform provides to non-coders, to become a part of the large talent pool of Salesforce CRM solution providers.
Most development can happen within the platform, through multiple button clicks, without a single line of traditional coding. The efficiency of such a method is debatable, but has definitely been found to be effective among new developers, who have been able to learn and develop apps, in a matter of a weeks, if not days. A little bit more effort in learning the basics of C# and with the assistance of a clickhappy Visualflow in Salesforce would make advanced programming accessible. It is not that the more advanced programmers do not have an avenue in Salesforce. Apex programming language takes care of that, where advanced applications can be developed. Apex also improves coding efficiency by forcing code limits on the developers in different ways.
Building an app, writing an Apex based program or even developing a Visualforce page is now within the reach of the masses, with a little bit of dedicated effort and time. The resources to develop the apps, in terms of tutorials, support and advice is readily available within the Salesforce training manuals and workbooks. Most successful platforms in IT, including operating systems, CRM solutions etc have been found to be productive, also due to the peer group support systems in terms of forums and help groups available online. Salesforce developer community message boards are one of the strongest support ecosystems available for any contemporary CRM.
Today, Salesforce has done that to CRM, what Apple has done to the consumer market, through iOS. Salesforce has managed to co-habitate a large user base on a mature application platform and then serve the CRM users with an efficient app store. The days ahead are exciting, at least for the next 5 years, where independent developers will now play an increasingly larger role in providing momentum to Salesforce in multiple dynamics.

Pratik Gaikwad Content writer for Enzigma Software

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Software Testing: The whole new world of opportunities for testers

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Testing methodologies are as old as the IT industry. In the earlier days, the developers themselves were testing their developed solutions and software on their own. As the technology started evolving and growing, the world of testing started evolving on a better pace. Almost for a decade the testing and quality assurance department has come into the existence. The evolution and inventions in the IT industry and technology have emerged the whole new world for testing.

In incredibly short period of time the testing industry has changed. There are so many new devices got introduced such as wearable, Smartphone, tablets and more? Moreover, each device might have different working model and methodology as well as the operating system. For instance, the Smartphone can have operating system such as android, iOS, Blackberry, Symbian, etc. These invented different testing approaches for ensuring the quality. The embedded testing is one of the testing models introduced for testing of the mobile devices.

The web world is embraced with so many different web development and design technologies such as .Net, PHP, Node.Js, Bootstrap, Joomla, Drupal, etc. All these technologies offer different types of functionalities and introduce different functions, features and coding approaches. Thus, the testing engineers need to fasten their belts to understand the different development technologies. The software testing has taken a more strategic approach.

Today’s users have been very much selective. Moreover, the users don’t have much time and patience. This has introduced the concept of performance testing. The software testing department needs to ensure that the website has reduced load time; the software performance is up to the user expectation.

The IT companies have introduced more advanced models of software delivery and infrastructure. Many IT companies have adopted the agile delivery model, which includes Kanban, Extreme programming and Scrum. Thus, the testers need to embrace the best practices for delivering the bug free software speedily. There are many companies which offer the SAAS (Software as a Service) by moving into DevOps, constant integration, development and delivery. These require the automation testing skills to ensure the performance and required pace.

The technology has started moving from our palms to the cloud. The users have started storing their data over cloud so they can access it from anywhere, at any time. This has created many security concerns. As a testing engineer the testers need to ensure to check all the possible security threats and enforce the highest level of security on the cloud software and solutions.

The users are accessing the same software and applications from different devices. The websites can be explored from the desktop and also from a Smartphone. Thus, it is necessary as a software tester that one ensures the quality and uniformity on each device. Moreover, the different devices have different resolutions. Thus, the testing engineers need to make sure that the app, web or solution gives the same performance and experience to the user on any device.

Dr. Boniface Nwugwo is the President and Chief Technical Officer at BTC Technologies provide IT consulting and software testing services in both the private and public sectors all over the USA.

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Mobile Application Development by Oklahoma City USA

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Productive technologies meets day to days challenging requirements for new Application development. Productive technologies always challenges facing on their path to growth are complex technologies and a rapidly evolving Development environment.
Our forward-thinking Mobile Application Development team created and our approach is always find something new with legacy (old technology) and let’s make new fundamentals using new technology. Mobile Application Developer know the quirks and issues inherent in the mobile ecosystem. Before
we release the app to you we run a full battery of tests from usability to performance
testing to avoid quality issues.
Our Mobile Application Development teams are familiar with the best-practices and recommended UI guidelines from Apple and Google. The process typically begins with creation of wire frames of the user-interface (UI) screens to storyboard the expected functionality of each screen and how the screens flow together.
Their history with regards to assisting customers throughout the globe yet the company strives to assist its clients most favorably through its quality and dedicated services. Productive technologies Oklahoma USA provides extensive Mobile Application with better quality and functionalities. Hire software developers from us for Mobile Application Development at
Productive Technologies is Mobile Application Development Provider Company based in Oklahoma USA. The company specializes in entire range of advanced dot net development services for dot net consultation. Our dot net applications are molded with ASP.Net, MVC and web API with angular JS UI. With the help of dot net platform multi utility applications can be developed which are user friendly and business friendly which makes huge business easily manageable. Custom applications, CRMWAP, CMS, ERP and much more.

Productive Technology is an Oklahoma USA based company which offers Software Development, Mobile Application Development, Web Application Development and Mobile Application Development services and solutions. It’s been a decade of satisfactory client services and support which speaks quality of work provided by the company.

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Heycodetech, Expert group of programming

Category : JS

Heycodetech is a programming platform where you can ask any questions related to the programming. We are growing our services and collecting the functionality which is very needed of any web application.

Currently it is applicable for programming language :-
1: Core PHP
2: WordPress
3: Magento
4: Drupal
5: JavaScript
6: Angular script

Now we are growing in other language also .
Let me given example of some services which is already running in website .

1: Generate code of Custom post type.
2: Generate code of shortcode.
3: Generate the google map.
4: Display the social share count.

Now you can use these services and generate the code which is helpful for your programming. Now we are decreasing your programming efforts.

A- Generate code of Custom post type- WordPress:

For using this application, we can create two things –
a)- custom post type
b)- custom post type and Taxonomy both .

You need to put the only :Name: of custom post type and :name: of taxonomy and press the button – Generate custom post type code – and you will receive the code. Just past this code in file – functions.php : and see the admin, you post type have been created .

B- Generate code of shortcode – WordPress:
As we know that shortcode is very useful for our website. So I have created some application which is used in our editor for generating the shortcode.
For using this application, we need to follow some steps –
i)- Shortcode have two types
a)- Predefined
b)- Custom
In predefined shortcode, you will received the available code of shortcode. You need to select the shortcode and press the button, you code have been created.
So you need to placed this code in file – functions.php – as well as placed this shortcode symbol in wordpress editor and it will starts working.

Now one more things that you can use this shortcode symbols in THEME CORE FILES also.

C- Generate code of GOOGLE MAP :

By using this application, you can customize the google map and prepare for a fantastic map code.
I recommended, please use the JS CODE for preview of the GOOGLE MAP.

For using this, you need to put the LONGITUDE and LATTITUDE.
You can also customize the google map
i- Marker – You can add own image in place of default marker.
ii- You can make the marker bouncing or toggle bouncing .
iii- You can put the address on the map.
iv- You can put the Title in bold or without bold.
v- You can increase/decrease the ZOOM LEVEL.
vi- You can customize the height and width .
vii- You can also set the MAP TYPE i.e Road MAP or other.

D- Social share count :

You can see the post results of social share count. Now currently, we are providing the following web services social count.
i- Facebook
ii- Twitter
iii- Google +1
iv- Pinterest
v- Linkedin
Now as per your suggestions, we will increase this services.

Now overall, we want the suggestions from your end so that we can improve it more. Now I will release one more application for writing authority to other user’s also.

Here is my website URL :
And here is the help email – If you have any query related to this, please share with us. Please write the subject line – Heycodetech users – so that we can take it as a priority.

Heycodetech is a programming platform where you can ask any questions, gives the suggestions as well as create the own blog posts which is proved by the admin.

We will also provide some services which is very helpful in programming.


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There is no shortage of cases where it has always been an advantage to have a speed website. Nexevo Technologies Web Designing and Website Development Company Bangalore have pulled out some tips for you to speed your website loading.

You can know if the website is working at its best speed like

* 7+ Seconds – Very Poor
* 3-7 Seconds – Average
* 1-3 Seconds – Above Average
* Below 1 Second – Perfect

To speed up your website the steps that you can follow are

Making Use of Content Delivery Network (CDN)

One of the best ways to fasten the website is to host the media files on the CDN, which can save up to 60% of bandwidth and reduce the requests made by the website.

Hire a Fast Hosting Company

The fast web host makes a huge impact on the website, the best suitable company that provides lightning speed to the website is Nexevo Technologies Website Development Company that offers service at very reasonable rates.

Using a Cache Plugin

By installing caching plugins like WP Super Cache or WP Total Cache to the WordPress website cut down the page loading speed very quickly and easily. Both the plugins are free to download and they do a lot than browser caching.

Compressing the Website Images

If you are owning a WordPress website the installing plugin WP Spontaneously squeeze the images, this will shrink the size of the images and does not lose the visual property.

Cleaning the Database

The database mostly gets very complicated in a very short time due to deactivated plugins, post revisions, and saved drafts. If it is a WordPress website then installing WP optimize works fantastic, which regularly remove all the stuff that is not required in the database.

Minify the JS and CSS files

With the slow loading, it has something to do with the bulky CSS or JavaScript files loaded in a disorganized manner.
As today, mobile internet usage has taken over the desktop that makes is more important right now to get your website speed. The visitors are very impatient to slow loading websites in this fast generation. If the website is slow then your website is not going to be seen.

A Nexevo technology has creative website designers in Bangalore. Our web experts well updated with latest technologies. We are into the joomla website development, Magento website design, Word press website development and etc.., delivered more then 500+ Projects in all over the global.

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