5 Enterprise App Development Trend for 2016-17

Enterprise applications have enabled digitization of data which has made data access simpler and more or less eliminated the need for endless seams of paperwork. In fact, concepts such as biometric authorization and digital signatures have added impetus to the speed at which business dealings are concluded. It has bridged the gap between employees and management, employees and the business, business and partners/ stakeholders, and business and customers.

We take a look at 5 enterprise app development trend for 2016-17.

1. Less of responsive and adaptive

Responsive design is no longer a want but a need for enterprise applications. Adaptive interfaces that do not compromise on experience or features is expected and scored down heavily by Google too. In fact, responsiveness should be a built-in feature that would be part of the web development project for companies. Just now Google is giving a special responsive badge to websites and web applications that are responsive and even giving higher SEO page ranks as encouragement. These perks will surely fade out in the coming years as the varying device trends comes to the forefront.

2. More of Hybrid apps

Hybrid web and mobile app development is relevant as most companies have adopted BYOD policy to reduce overhead costs. Web applications are expected to be available on mobile devices and offer native experience without compromising on features and functionalities. Also, hybrid application facilitates cost control and rapid development as simultaneous development happens for multiple platforms on a single platform. Even the regular maintenance and support expenses remain under control as knowledge of single platform is sufficient for updating on multiple platforms.

3. Front-end development technologies

Front end technologies such as NodeJS and AngularJS receive greater importance as they will be central to delivering uniform experience in hybrid application development. User interface and user experience will be extremely essential till a uniform web standard appears. Front end technologies enable easy and quick deployment of applications across different browsers.

4. Moving storage to the cloud

As applications have to be fluid and mobile to be accessible on different devices, both desktop and mobile, and the user must receive uniform experience across the multiple platforms, data storage will be an important issue. Cloud storage sync will ensure easy access of real time data across devices and also free device storage space as all data will be stored in a central server with easy access on internet enabled device. In a world that is being flattened by technology, which helps business to be carried beyond territories, this is an essential feature and must be grounded in a secure space..

5. It’s all about IoT

Internet of Thing (IoT) makes electronic devices and heavy machineries answer to vocal commands of the user. It makes data accessible not only on smartphone and tablet, but takes it beyond to wearable devices such as smartwatches. IoT will be gaining traction in years to come and will be central to enterprise web development strategy.

Web development services India and the USA are designed to minutely address the evolving business needs in multiple areas, addressing multiple functions. Their development goals resonate with enterprise needs of the next decade at least in planning so that businesses can capitalise on current and upcoming trends without increasing overheads arising due to obsolete technologies. An essential aspect that is considered in web product development and deployment is also the technology relevance in the immediate future to the business so that no new technologies are pushed onto the business for the sake of its novelty.

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HTML/CSS Training In Indore- Learn To Develop and Design A Website

Category : Css

HTML, or Hyper Text Markup Language, is used to make a Web webpage. In addition to other things, it advises your Web browser what content to show, what pictures will come, and what color a table border ought to be and in addition directing how all things is situate out. Without HTML, the Internet as we probably am aware it today would not exist.

Initially, HTML was created with the goal of characterizing the structure of documents like headings, paragraphs, lists, and do forth to encourage the sharing of logical data between researchers.

When you are hoping to website then HTML/CSS preparing in Indore helps you to design a site. There of lots of things you can learn in this training span. It is in most likely that your program will get HTML and CSS from the web server that has the webpage. The web browser interprets the HTML and CSS code to make the page that you see. Most pages additionally incorporate additional substance, for example, pictures, sound, video, or animations and this training will show you how to set them up for use on the web and afterward how to embed them into your pages.

CSS is utilized to control the style of a web document in a simple and easy way. CSS remains for Cascading Style Sheets. CSS1 and CSS2 gives an entire comprehension of CSS,starting from its basics and advanced to cutting edge ideas. CSS handles the look and feel part of a website page. Using CSS, you can control the color of the content, the style of fonts, the spacing between paragraphs, how segments are sized and laid out, what background image or color are used, and additionally an assortment of different effects. CSS is easy to learn and understand and see yet it gives a capable control over the presentation of a HTML report. Most usually, CSS is consolidated with the markup dialects HTML or XHTML.

There are many advantages of CSS:

CSS saves time-You can compose CSS once and after that reuse a similar sheet in different HTML pages.

Pages load faster– If you are using CSS, you don’t have to compose HTML label characteristics each time.So,less code implies quicker download times.

Easy maintenance– To make a global change, essentially change the style, and every one of the components in all the pages will be redesigned consequently.

Multiple Device Compatibility– Style sheets permit substance to be advanced for more than one sort of device.

Global web standards– Now HTML properties are being deplored and it is being prescribed to utilize CSS. So it’s a good idea to begin suing CSS in all the HTML pages to make them perfect with future programs.

HTML/CSS training is useful for learn properly with the guidance of expert faculties. If you want to learn it you have to select the best institute for learning.

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Simplify Web Designing & Development Using Front-end Framework

When developing a new website, front end frameworks are the best tool for faster and better development. The popularity led to availability of a wide range of frameworks and new one are also emerging. You can develop a well-structured, upgradable and maintainable website using frameworks. It stocks plenty of instantly available elements that you can use directly. More than anything a front-end framework simplifies, streamlines and speed-up the website design and development.

Due to increase in the number of elements its bit tricky to pinpointing the one, now a days Bootstrap from Twitter and Foundation front-end frameworks are most popular.
Before listing down the best front-end frameworks, you need to consider specific things like its skill level, responsive design, prototype, CSS preprocessors, appearances, that will help you to find pros and cons of popular framework.

So here is the list of most popular front-end framework that will fit right to your needs and provide unique features:

Bootstrap is created by twitter developers and initially released in 2011, its widely popular and most used open-source framework in the world. It consists CSS, HTML, JavaScript and JS elements like other front-end frameworks. Its features allow you to develop Responsive sites of all sizes and complexities.

It is developed by the web designing company, Zurb. It is highly advance front-end framework that is used to develop enterprise grade responsive websites. Its complexity level is high that is not suitable for newbies. It is used in sites like Mozilla, Facebook, eBay. It supports GPU-acceleration, for smooth lightning animations and Fastclick.js for delivering fast mobile services. It helps you load lightweight HTML sections for the mobiles and heavier sections for big screens.

It used to implement Google’s material design specification. The Materialize responsive front-end framework features ready to use buttons, icons, cards, forms and other components. This framework is available in both runs on a SAAS preprocessor or in a standard version.
The CSS is preloaded and it is ready to use typography, material design shadows, colors etc. Keep in mind it also provides some additional features including drag-out mobile menus, ripple effect animation and more.

If you are thinking to create a web designing app that will work on both platforms including the desktop and mobiles. The Pure front-end framework is developed by Yahoo.it comes with lightweight array of CSS modules that can be used in any project. In comparison with Bootstrap, pure has better performance for the mobile devices. You can create responsive designs, buttons, menu, grid, tables and more.

It has a lightweight responsive boilerplate which consists only 400 lines of code. It features responsive design based on a 12-column grid system, and the basic elements like buttons, forms, table etc.

These are some most popular front-end frameworks which helps in web designing technologies and web development services to make the structure simple and faster.

Amit is director of D Amies Technologies, one of the leading web design and development company. He loves to write about different topics related to search engine optimization, website development and design. His company provides custom web design and development services.

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Best Frameworks for Front-End-Development

HTML, CSS & JS are the three essential tools for developing websites, but building a new website needs lots of code and time in order to complete tasks and with this we have to complete tasks within deadline. With the introduction of responsive technique due to mobile friendly websites creates a new era of development which we called as a framework. Well, generally frameworks are those languages which are used to make website mobile friendly, responsive and also it make website to extend itself to new dimensions.
Generally there are three types of framework introduced on the basis of their uses, need and specialty and these are
1) HTML framework
2) CSS framework
3) JS framework

Here is a list of certain frameworks which have proved their metal in the market on the basis of their usability and ability to manipulate websites according to developer choice:

HTML Frameworks

HTML frameworks are generally those frameworks which used HTML as a tool to manipulate websites look and feel and also it can convert this simple HTML into responsive one:
1) Sencha Touch is a user interface (UI) specifically built for the Mobile Web. It can be used by Web developers to develop a platform for mobile web applications that look and feel like native applications on supported mobile devices.
2) The Foundation provides a responsive grid and HTML and CSS UI components, templates, and code snippets, including forms, buttons, navigation and other interface components, as well as optional JavaScript extensions.

CSS Frameworks

CSS frameworks are the advance version of CSS and CSS3 languages its main intention is to reduce complexity of CSS and CSS3 language and make coding much easier and make a mobile friendly website.
1) Bootstrap is a collection of codes which and frameworks which is used to convert a normal website into a responsive one.
2) Pure is a set of simple codes used for seating converting and manipulating a normal website to responsive one too, but it’s simple approach is good for giving new way for website. Pure is a framework to be utilized by the users who are looking out to include special features in their projects instead of focusing on full-featured frameworks

JavaScript Frameworks
JavaScript as roughly said is a client side language used on HTML page and has the ability to manipulate web pages using scripting languages.

1) Angular.js is the easiest and the best way to make dynamic web pages. The main advantage of this framework is that it lets you use HTML as a language to make web pages and is used as an HTML extension while the data binding and data dependency has ability to eliminate much of the coding which otherwise will have to write.
2) Meteor, or MeteorJS, is an open-source JavaScript web framework has written using Node.js. Meteor allows for rapid prototyping and produces cross-platform (Android, iOS, Web) code. On the client, Meteor depends on jQuery and can be used with any JavaScript UI widget library.

So these are a small list of the most popular frameworks which are widely used among front end web developers and are creating a new hike in the market.

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Best Practices for Magento Front End Development

Magento is no doubt the best platform for the development of online shopping website and has everything that is needed to make a website successful and increase sales. However, only platform cannot help in developing user friendly or attractive websites. It is the developer or designer who has to utilize the features and deliver the product.
In this post we will discuss about the best practices that should be followed by Magento front end developer to get the best design.

Understanding the conventions and structures is very important for any developer to utilize the feature efficiently. It is vital to know about modules and use of XML page layouts before jumping to HTML / PHP coding or else the end result can be a disaster.

Customization is very good concept and very important to impress the client, but never do it from the start as there will be many occasions where complete customization is not needed and you will have time limitations. If you have ample of time and the requirement demands complete customizations then only go for it.

Magento front end development involves more of CSS and JavaScript, so it is advisable that you use tools that help in parsing or rectifying mistakes easily like Firebug.

Naming of the blocks should be followed in a professional way or else finding relevant .phtml files would consume more time. If you are comfortable with using template path then it would be wonderful.

If you are planning to customize a template then you need to plan it correctly from top to bottom like you should first think about structure and layouts and once this pat is finished then only touch the content part for the refinement.

To make websites more attractive and useful you can always use slideshows or shadowbox, which has become very famous among Magento UI design companies and these options are really good for the website. However, you need to ensure about the compatibility of the codes with framework. There are many third party tools and scripts that do not work properly in Magento platform so you need to check it before implementing.

Always test your changes in different browsers and it is advisable that you check the changes made by you often that help in debugging quicker. If you test after the completion of the segment then it will take more time in finding the bug. While working with Magento you will see different options and features for a particular task and without testing you will never know which one is best for your website.

If you are working in a team then always divide the job and handle separate modules independently or else you will never have the track of modifications done and at the end it may not give the best results.

All the above mentioned practices are drafted by experienced designers to ensure that you don’t make mistakes and don’t get stuck anywhere while designing the front end of Magento website.

Author is an experience Magento developer India and is working as consultant for many website development companies. Author has worked on various complex projects as Magento UI designer India .

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Mobile App Control Solutions-Gateways to Assure Security and Reliability of Phones

Mobile applications are very effective marketing tools as it has interactive nature, likelihood and usefulness that they will be seen on the daily basis. Is there is a question in your mind that, Is there a better way of keeping your company in front of its customer base? Before 20 years promotional items kept a company’s logo and message in front of the public. Promotional items were relatively inexpensive and provided the customer with something useful. Notepads, Pens, Calendars were great for keeping businesses at the top of the minds of the customers.

Now days and mobile apps are the next evolution of promotional items. It enables the customers for being aware of the business and it also provides many useful features. These features are always very close to the customers as their phones are. Now businesses can have an app developed that will help the customers in locating them with GPS, discover deals, making buy decisions and many more. However, business owners can do all marketing related functions in the hassle-free way only if they have suitable Mobile App Control solutions.

When it comes to security, reliability, and advanced features and of the mobile apps, users of mobile apps have very high expectations. That means that operators and IT managers are facing some serious business challenges when it comes to provide mobile app management that offers the enterprise grade security they need as well as keep the users connected, up to date, and happy with the functionality of their mobiles, all without interrupting their efficiency or productivity.

Mobile Application Control offers visibility, security, control, and support for mission critical line of business mobile application that users rely on every day. Mobile app management also relies on sophistication and quality of your SDK. The mobile application control SDK should offer network connectivity, customization, security monitoring and remote view support features right out of the box, or your solution will be potentially worthless adding headaches that you never need to experience opening end users up to the possibility of disrupted workflows and reduced efficiency.

The app era is evolving, so app developers are able to develop and deploy mobile applications that are growing in sophistication and importance. Mobile applications nowadays are not just nice to have, they are driving actual business activities across the board, offering benefits and boosting bottom lines companies could not have predicted even before five years.

By updating your SDK you are offering your mobile application developers the mobile app management tools they require to support and monitor these lines of business applications. And that means improve customer’s satisfaction, experience and customers service boon to increase cost savings and company growth.

Mobile Application Control like SDK should give your mobile application developers the power of easily integrating applications with their mobile app management platforms you develop. It should also offer support manager visibility and operations, security, control and support in their apps with minimal development efforts. But all these are not all. It should also include a support feature that helps you in debugging problem that your end users experience is essential.

Ryan Luke is the author of this article. To know more information about how to App Control in android mobiles please visit the website.

Bullion Trade Down Due to Currency Depreciation and Commodity Tips

Gold economic releases coming from the US in the recent past have also been favorable for the economy, which indirectly shaded the save haven appeal of gold. Meanwhile, the Chinese economy is in trouble and the growth rate is at a mere 7.50%, reducing the consumption demand of gold and many other commodities. In the next week, the Chinese markets will remain closed, which will further push gold prices lower as physical consumption may decline. If we look at the derivative contracts of gold at the global front, the February futures contract is about to expire shortly and hence, participation has moved to the next available April contract. In the last week, the prices, which fell over 3% are supported by higher volumes and open interest. This also indicates that gold prices next week may extend the downside correction with high volumes and open interest. Hence, we hold a bearish view on gold prices in the short to medium-term. In fact, fund houses globally carry a bearish view on gold. Hedge funds and other large speculators encompass abridged their net-long holdings to 735,217 futures and options across 18 U.S.-traded commodities as of January 21, contrast to the all-time high of 1.56 million, according to the United States Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) data.

Meanwhile, most of the economies in the world are still below their target GDP growth and the muted inflation, which leads to gold demand gradually diminishing in the world. We believe that the short to medium-term bearish trend on gold is still intact. If we look at gold from the investment demand front, the drastic fall in gold holdings in the last week halted for a while. The SPDR gold trust, the world’s largest gold ETF showed for the first time a meager increase in investment gold. The holdings were at 790.46 in the last week and as of 30th January remained at 796.16 tons. Looking at the above development we believe gold commodity may trade down in the next week while locally fall could be less due to currency depreciation

Gold’s April MCX futures prices started declining from a weekly high of 29256 and are currently trading at 28645(3:58 PM IST). Trading below the exponential weekly moving averages (8,13 & 21) is signaling that the downside pressure will remain intact. Prices are expected to move in the range of 29024-28231 (23.6% to 50% retracement of the range 30516-27517). For short-term traders, we suggest selling. The pivot point is seen at 28817 (taking 29256, L-28520,C-28675). S1/S2/S3: 28378/28081/27642 R1/R2/R3: 29114/29553/29850.

Silver as it fell over 3% globally. We have been discussing the silver outlook in our daily insight and that the metal is taking negative cues from the lower equities globally, the inferior performance of base metals and the negative trend in precious metals. As of 2:47 PM IST on Friday, spot silver was seen trading at $ 19.12 and the most active March futures at the domestic MCX exchange is trading at Rs 43,242 per Kg. The factors explored in the gold outlook are similar to silver and hence, silver prices have fallen in the last week. In our reports, we have also been talking about the gold-silver ratio strategy. The gold/silver ratio has moved up from 63.75 to 64.78. As explained, the fundamentals are completely bearish for silver, especially when the emerging markets (EM’s) are the topic on headlines. We believe that the next week is going to see a massacre for precious metals and silver as well. Due to this, we hold a completely bearish view on silver and expect it to under perform gold.

In this regard, we further suggest a ratio trade on the same. The ratio had made a high of 66.75 in the end of July 2013. We believe that if the same bearish trend in silver continues, the current ratio may breach the same.

Interestingly, from the investment front, silver holdings for the entire week have been steady at 335000 tons, unchanged since 17th January 2014. We are unable to cite any reasons for this but, we believe that the clear bearish trend may be keeping investors away from holding silver.

The data from the economic events are explained in our weekly economic analysis. Looking at those data, we believe that silver may remain in peril in the near-term. Hence, we hold a bearish view and suggest selling from the higher levels.

Commodity Tips

GOLD SELL MCX APR ON RISE NEAR 28800 SL 29115 TGT 28485-28275

SILVER SELL MCX MAR ON RISE NEAR 44200-44300 SL 45200 TGT 43200-42500.

Article Source:


Mr. Kiran Kumar Reddy, Technical Analyst and Founder of Charanwings Advisory Services providing trading advisory services in Equity, Derivatives and Commodity. He provides advisory services to large number of retail as well as Institutional Investors and traders and His advisory services giving back support to various broking houses and product support in Stock Futures, Commodity Tips to Dalal Street Investment Journal (dsij.in) since May 2012. He is also having good command in elliot wave theory his articles have also been published in various financial websites and he is also contributing daily news letter on equity market, which were published in Indian notes website. He also made a guest appearance in various workshops which were conducted on stock market awareness. http://www.charanwings.com

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On behalf of Sahara Pariwar that is Sahara Family and myself I convey my thanks from the core of my heart that all of you have gathered here on our invitation.

This would not have been possible without the support and blessings of His Excellency President, Hon’ble Prime Minister, Hon’ble Dy. Prime Minister and their highly committed capable team of Republic of Macedonia.

I shall fail in my duties if I do not thank my senior colleague who is like a son to me; Shri Amreesh Chandra whose initiative has given shape to this peace festival.

As a promoter speaker I had to pass on this speech to our media friends in advance and also to facilitate translation in 13 different languages so I have been asked to speak today verbatim that is same word by word whatever I have passed on to them. So I have been asked to read out my lecture.

Today we have gathered to speak about and discuss peace.

Though it is Balkan Peace Festival, we are hoping that this message of peace will have a trickle effect and this initiative will actually be a message of Global Peace for the entire planet.

Although, I have already passed on my thoughts on Peace to all of you through more than 1800 words write up appearing in the Peace festival brochure which is already with you all, I still want to say something here in the presence of this August gathering for the great purpose.

For our external personality, that is, our body, food and water keeps it energetic, active and healthy, but for our internal personality that is the spiritual personality, that is for our mental body, the food is peace and happiness for giving us best quality mental health with lots of strong will power and positive energy always seen as active optimism.

Every human wants always to have a happy and satisfied life.

But no life can be happy and satisfied without a peaceful state of mind. Happiness chases peace, but peace does not chase happiness. Peace has to be in a person’s life and all around him. Peace in his immediate family, peace in his neighbourhood, peace in his work place, peace in his city, peace in his country…. and so on.

Here in this peace festival if we only talk about peace between two countries, that is if we talk and discuss about war between the countries, I fear we shall reach nowhere, we won’t be able to achieve peace in the life of individual human beings for a long term or most desirably life long. This is not about only stopping war, its about choosing PEACE. WE CHOOSE PEACE OVER WAR.

Any country is not a human being in itself. Country’s body and face is the combined and collective faces of people of the country, however, few human beings sit at the helm of affairs and take all decisions for the country.

If I talk about Macedonia, it is a very wonderful and a very peaceful country. The first time when I had come here, on the first day itself our Hon’ble Prime Minister and Hon’ble Dy. Prime Minister, myself and my son roamed around in the main market area for almost 30 minutes to finalise a correct site for Mother Teresa’s statue. To my pleasant surprise there were no security personnel’s as such accompanying us!

Gradually over a period of time, in this peaceful country, I interacted with various kinds of people from different walks of life and I found everyone very peace loving, law abiding and ethical. I must appreciate everybody in the Government and Government machinery because we have not seen or felt any indication or even a desire of even one Euro. A wonderful and quite unbelievable corruption free Government and Government machinery. So it is a very right thing happening that Sahara Balkan Peace Festival is starting in a beautiful, wonderful and peaceful country that is Macedonia.

When we talk about peace, compassion and humanity two names come immediately to mind. Shri Mahatma Gandhi who is the symbol of Non Violence, no words and sentences can describe his unbelievably great personality. Another great name is Mother Teresa. I am really fortunate that I knew her personally, very closely and I can try to describe her in a number of pages, but truly speaking even after knowing her so closely I cannot describe that great personality in words and sentences. Mother Teresa’s birth place is Macedonia. Well, what a coincidence that first peace festival is happening in birth place of Mother Teresa. What a wonderfully lovely feeling it is.
It is human beings everywhere who are instrumental in bringing about peace or violence. In any country is Government or Government machinery, religious groups, sects or different kind of organisations, the human beings who are given leadership at various levels are responsible for Peace or Violence. All such people out of ignorance about fundamentals of life, indulge foolishly in violence and in turn invite irritation, tensions, dejections, disappointments, dissatisfactions etc. in future in their own lives too. May be at any moment of time some individual in a leadership position plans, thinks and initiates within a narrow limited vision; may be he does it out of greed, but he cannot visualise or does not have clarity about knowledge of life or about the future when he shall have to reap poison for his today’s wrong action or reaction seeds which he has sown.

I shall humbly request all of you here to kindly spare some time to read out my thoughts on peace which appear in the brochure of Sahara Balkan Peace Festival already handed over to you. Two sets of the write-up together will give clarity to this thought of Peace. So here today I am not making a long speech by explaining about the philosophical, that is psychological, or emotional aspect of life, in other words realities of life with which we are born with and we live with.

One very important point is that EVERY HUMAN BEING HAS A VERY STRONG COMPETITIVE INSTICT. A human always wants to be victorious and finds enjoyment in defeating others. That used to be one of the principal reasons in the olden days that strong or weak Kings, used to continuously fight. There used to be continuous small and big wars. People under the winner Kings used to imagine their Kings as Heroes and used to satisfy their own strong competitive instincts through their winner Kings. Ofcourse, material gain also used to be a principal reason for such fights and wars, but now by maximising own production and development through scientific ways and with peaceful import and export trade no material gains are really achieved by winning any war. The truth is in today’s war nobody is a winner. The price of a war has to be paid by both the sides. So we should think, understand and discuss about satisfaction of humans strong competitive instinct to feel like a winner hero of some kind of battle.

Gradually sports have taken that place. We satisfy our strong competitive instincts through the players who win laurels in the international arena.

I strongly feel and I want to strongly advocate that sports should be taken very strongly and very seriously by every country. We should further try to make it more competitive, more interesting by introducing several incentives between countries. For example loser country will have to make a small hospital at their cost in the land of the winner countries. In Olympics or in such inter country sports marks for events could be given to the winners, which shall decide which country gives more import orders and which of them gets more export orders etc. etc. Very active sports which are mentioned here can help tremendously to maintain harmonious relationship that is peace amongst the countries.

My humble proposal to Balkan region countries is to initiate in a big way and on a regular basis various discipline inter country games, sports tournaments etc. Inter country competition of cultural events should also be introduced actively and if you all agree then kindly introduce incentives, may be small – small incentives for winner countries for different events.

This way countries will speed it up and acquire and aggressively do all kinds of good research and massive productions for sports items and for development of energy and skill of sports persons and then gradually and drastically reduce the concentration or focus on research and development of arms and ammunitions. We should introduce in these tournaments various kinds of old and new highly skilled strong and thrilling adventure sports which excites human mind a lot and shall satisfy competitive instincts quite strongly.

We should always remember that human beings always want to live their lives with domination of positive characteristics in their mental body system provided they get good human environment where they get justice and fair treatment and where they can always get food, clothes and shelter comfortably and get a chance for their continuous growth and prosperity. As human is born with positive as well as negative characteristics, if there is injustice, discrimination all round with a tough, insecured life under wrong, corrupt leaderships, human being’s negative characteristics dominate their actions, reactions and all expression which culminates into disillusionment, dejection, disappointments, dissatisfaction, fights and battles.

So leaders of all levels should always always take care to provide good human environment as the highest priority so that majority of the people always enjoy domination of positive characteristics in their actions – reactions and in all expression which is always a natural and probably the strongest urge of may be 99% people. Because every humans basically always desire and enjoy a peaceful life.

Another very important aspect to be considered is the high growth of population. A human-being’s ‘I’ or self is very dominating. He is born with it. So a high density of population creates all kinds of confusions, people lose their peace of mind because everybody desires a good existence. Say, for example in a room, there are 5 people who are very comfortable with total peace of mind and in the same room, there are 50 people who all lose their peace as they fight because a human’s natural strong instinct is for proper existence; they fight as to who among them shall get a chance to sit on a chair or the carpet and who may not even get a place to stand?

This problem of density of population becomes very grave if a big section remains illiterate, uneducated and afflicted with malnutrition, they don’t live in peace and they also affect the peace of others around them. It implies that poverty and unemployment, coupled with illiteracy and no education of life, become a large hindrance to the peace of human mind that craves for the fulfilment of basic needs of health and survival, the lack of which creates unhappiness, disillusionment & fuzziness in the mind.

I do not have the details, but Macedonia has lower density of population. My short term – long term suggestion to the country is to take all measures possible to always control this population density. We should also understand that the poor class of people solely for pleasure indulge in free sex with a psychology that if there are more children, there shall be more hands to earn parent’s old age. Such children in hutments remain a mass of bone and flesh without quality development of mental faculty. So Government should define through law the ideal family size and an ideal family’s children should get all benefits, special facilities of 1st grade citizen. Parents out of domination of their ‘I’ that is the self, will choose the right path for their children. Parents who do not follow ideal family definition of law of parliament shall lose all benefits and facilities for their children and should also lose the right to vote. Always remember country’s constitution is written for the welfare of people and for the welfare of people today constitution should be amended as per today’s need of the masses.

Another point – Media is playing a bad role because newspapers, channels etc. mainly talk about negative happenings and give negative news of quarrels, murders, rapes etc. etc. This gradually puts human beings in a confined emotional sphere which always leads to enhanced demand of SELF, without considering other peoples genuine point of view and also leads to a situation where there is no peace of mind. If there is curfew in the city people get confined in their rooms. Similarly negative news sub-consciously and unconsciously forces human mind to get confined; meaning absolute self centeredness which causes all sort of problems like corruption and quarrels in the society. So media should be forced to cut down negative stories and add more positive, encouraging news stories.

Well, at the end, I shall tell few things that God has given us, Brain, Mind, Heart & Soul with a very strong thinking power. We can achieve anything and everything with the aid of these faculties.

People all around the world who are in important, big or small leadership positions should be educated rather they need to be convinced for their peace of mind and only then we can expect all round peace for mankind.

This peace festival is initiated in Balkan region and shall be staged every year. In next 12 years 12 Peace Festivals shall be staged. Something has generated so much of high respect in me for the Balkan region after I heard 2 days back that 3 countries have already approached very enthusiastically and strongly to stage and host this peace festival next year. Balkan region countries can become front runners for World Peace. It will be the greatest contribution to the world. Balkan region’s future generations shall feel extremely proud seeing their name written in golden letters in the History of the world. But for that you have to think and decide with confidence and practice everything mentioned here with new and right thoughts coming from positive brain storming sessions and show the path and set an example to the whole world in the coming years.

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The commercial business world is gaining popularity. IT industry has taken the front place with new profit margins and requirements. It has many business streams like software and hardware resource development, banking, marketing, IT services, IT support, business process outsourcing, procurement, information security management and many more to enhance the industrial performance. Compared to all these industries, software resource development is the leading business for IT organizations. IT industry develops applications to endorse several business strategies and performance.

All these applications have to manage and maintain the administration process for the future references. IT industry is in need of people, who can maintain these responsibilities of entire lifecycle management such as application development, implementation, upgrades, product management and many more. It is an important task for all IT organizations to support and administrate the applications. All these organizations implement application management solutions between older and newer applications as an intermediate layer.

Application management (AM) is the process of managing the installation, upgradation, operation, versioning and many more of an application throughout its entire lifecycle. AM has several techniques and processes, which are essential for a deployed application optimal operation. It is necessary for an organization to maintain the enterprise competency and performance and it can also maintain the back end for IT infrastructure. It can provide the support to maintain the large number of applications, which can be used by the enterprise to increase the efficiency by administrating the management solutions. It can accumulate and merge the performance data to provide the maintenance, support, development, intricate and extremely dispersed applications in a challenging environment.

These days, most of the IT organizations are implementing these solutions to enhance the efficiency, reliability and scalability to get more business benefits. It can also tune and optimize the heavy workloads and loaded applications to manage the work pressure and to reduce the operational costs. There are numerous openings in IT organizations for applications on demand manager, who can maintain the entire process of administrating and supporting the AM solutions. These solutions can resolve several issues related to troubleshoot, impacting users, management monitors and reduce the downtime by using multiple tools and programs.

It can reduce the IT business risks by integrating the operational platform and can also reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) to maximize the return on investment (ROI). Hence, it is gaining more popularity in IT sector for several domains to enhance the competency and productivity of the business.

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5 Must Have Web Development Tools You Probably Aren’t Using

Category : Web Development

No doubt, being a creative developer means staying on your toes and always learning new things because there is a variety of skills used in development that is constantly changing. There are so many codes, bugs, browser add-ons, plugins and many other tools which are used for website development. These tools will help you to complete your work faster and give you access to the latest techniques.

You might be using great web browsers, but all your efforts will fail if you are not using the tools that give you an edge over the others. Here is a list of top 5 Web Development tools that you should know to excel in your field. Have a look below for more details.

Adobe Edge Inspect: This will help you to create an attractive website that helps to drive more traffic. This is one of the highly recommended tools, which is also used as an alternative to Flash. It allows you to develop mobile-friendly websites in an easy way.

Framework: If you want to create a web application with Java and Scala then no option is better than the Framework. It is really helpful to increase the speed of your web application for its better performance.

Apache Couch DB: This is open source database software that has a structural design, which completely embraces the web. It allows you to store your data with JSON documents and really helpful in protecting your data from any fault.

Prefix Free: Another important web development tool is Prefix free; it is actually a script that allows you to use CSS property everywhere. It helps you to add the current browser to any CSS code.

Basecamp: It is a web-based project organization tool that helps you to manage the project management with convenience. It is one of the most popular tools used in the web development industry.

Apart from the above, you have several other web development tools that help to develop a site in the best possible manner. These tools are really helpful in saving your lot of time and increase your productivity as well. So, you should check them out and see how they help you to improve your development skills. These tools will help you to make sure that you are on the right path and on which step you need improvement. So, what are you waiting for? Use these tools in your task and enjoy their benefits.

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PR Agency Manchester – Now With Digital Channels 3D Campaigns

Having a strong communications plans in place, is the need of Brands. Big corporates have an independent corporate communication department whose main purpose is to maintain the image of the brand and give information on the up comings or happenings of their brands. It is nothing but a sibling of marketing department wherein executives plan and implement strategies to attract prospective customers to gain rise in revenue generation. You can build reputation of your brand without endorsements. PR Professionals are expert in managing good image of the company in front of public by various means and activities. manchester pr agencies are coming in front to advice to companies so that they can prepare themselves for crisis communications.

PR agencies Manchester are tech savvy in building brands, solving crises in this sphere, managing celebrity image and organizing seminars. Thus, in short, they tend to image safekeeping of individuals and corporate through the means of media exposure and communication lines. The clients are national and international catering to UK market. The expert company executives interact with the client and then take up brand building exercise customizing according to prescribed needs. The focus on target audience in each case may be different. Some prefer regional appeal while others may be industry specific. Reputation is effected by media exposure. Image has to be devised in many cases through proper planning and management.

The clients of pr manchester agencies may be well established already reputed companies or it can be an upstart or a celebrity a visiting player team looking for positive visibility to boast the moral. The base line for all these people is image acceptance by the zeroed audience to earn wealth or be in circulation. Where required, the team of PR agencies comes up with business policy counsel to be portrait for result driven end solutions. No strategy is instant but is evolved after interaction and careful study of the market situation even in this age of instant technology.

The present day PR agencies are familiar with all aspects of digital communication. There is lot of competition in the market and the cost is competitive to suit every budget. The strategies once applied are monitored and modified till the end. One project is taken at a time and social media space retained for exposure and then feedback. Media relation, content development, image impact is inclusive in the project implementation. The range of sectors opting for these services include automobiles, food retailing, healthcare, leisure, finance and banking, fast moving consumer goods to name a few.

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ReactJS vs AngularJS – Which one to pick?

Category : React

ReactJS and AngularJS are both extremely popular frameworks used by any mobile app development company. Both are great in their own ways and have their advantages and disadvantages depending on what developers are looking for. Lets analyse features of both major cutting edge players and you can decide which one to pick.


Angular is pretty much the perfect solution for handling data binding. Data binding in Angular apps involves the automatic synchronization of data between the model (or customer input source) and the “view”. When the model changes, the view mirrors the change, and vice versa. By cutting out multiple steps, Angular can be a very appealing option.


ReactJS is an exceptional framework for managing the DOM (Document Object Model), especially when dealing with vast amounts of data. React mainly works by creating a virtual DOM in JavaScript that behaves as an intermediate representation of the DOM. This representation makes it easy to decide which elements to change in the DOM and what the results may be.



React has just started while Angular has been there since long. So support for Angular is much better. While Angular’s coding is more complex, React is easier to use so you need less help from the support communities.

Speed & features:

Angular JS is more powerful but is little less in speed than React. When there is a huge database to pull data from, users might experience a slight delay. React is faster than Angular JS so works fine while rendering large data.
It uses full MVC architecture so it is great for experienced coders to use. It uses only the view component so it less features rich than Angular JS. Beginners should use React.


Angular JS functions from HTML perspective and provides limited scope of tools for packaging and deploying the code. While React functions from Javascript perspective and provide a library like RequireJS to load the code.


With Angular JS its easy to write the code but difficult to debug. With React, its much easier to debug. You can get React Developers Tools extension for chrome and get started.

Who wins:

Well the answer is both! Lets use them with each other and not against. React’s pure JavaScript environment gives developers more flexibility and ease of learning. When Angular restricts something, you can expect React to provide full freedom.Equally powerful, use a combination of both in your next big project. If you are looking for top notch mobile app development solutions, contact us at Solution Analysts.