Bangs or no bangs: Deciding the issue

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Is it really so difficult to decide whether to wear bangs or no bangs? The way fashion conscious women deliberate on this issues shows that it is quite difficult wither one should wear bang haircut or not. Here is a simple way to decide whether you should wear this hairstyle or not. Determine your face shape and then find whether this hairstyle would suit to your face type or not.

Women with round and square faces should avoid this haircut without a round or wide face can take off this haircut. If your face is round or it is near to a perfect square then you shouldn’t consider cutting your hair in bangs. If you are adamant of wearing this haircut then talk to your hairdresser because only a hairdresser could tell whether your face suits for this haircut or not.

A round face would look good with bangs but they hairs should be carefully cut. Isabellla Rossellini is a round faced celebrity. She wears this haircut but this hairstyle doesn’t undermine her look. She can be seen wearing light wispy partial hair covering just a part of the forehead. Or you can see her short wispy fringe haircut bangs. Both the hairstyles improve her look. Round and square faced women can try these haircuts on the advice of their hairdressers.

But there is literally no issue in bangs or no bangs, when you have heart face shape or a triangular or oval face. Wispy, fringe, angular or blunt, wear the haircut you find suitable and your hair type permits. You are blessed with oval face that looks good with almost all the hairstyles. The best way to determine your haircut is to find the celebrity that resembles your face and hair type. For instance oval face women can Britney Spears as she has an oval face.

Haircut with bangs has the ability to make a woman younger, smarter and confident. With this haircut, you can wear a fresh look and also feel healthy and happy. This hairstyle can give you a soft and smooth look. These are some of the advantage of bangs that inspire women to wear this haircut. But women are wary of wearing bangs or no bangs because of personal reasons.

There are a number of websites where fashion conscious women can try bangs or no bangs without actually cutting their hairs. Some website charge a fee, while others offer this service for free.

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